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On this page are connections to my library of photos. These are sold as advanced cross fasten examples and diversions (Hand-made Puzzles and PC Jigsaw Puzzles). My advanced cross join examples are incredible for adjusting to different uses, for example, beaded workmanship, sustenance craftsmanship, Lego workmanship, Tile craftsmanship (fired, glass, metal, wood, and so forth.), and whatever else you can consider. Essentially substitute every join with the object of your decision. On the off chance that you have to shading match every fasten with a paint store for case I likewise offer the RGB (red, green, blue) numerical shading qualities for every example. With these you can make more exact shading changes for your project(s). Advanced cross line examples can have up to 100 hues. The extent of the picture will manage the aggregate number of lines for a specific example. Examples can have up to 500 x 500 lines.

Presently you may need to utilize these as an amusement for yourself, youth, your folks, excellent folks, and so forth. Possibly you don't utilize a Windows based PC. Don't worry about it. I additionally make these as hand-made riddles. You may be searching for riddles that you can play in the workplace or at home in the kitchen. Maybe in a gathering setting with loads of players? That is the reason I offer hand-made riddles that are both attractive and overlaid. Along these lines you can play on the document cabinet(s) at work, on your cooler at home or in the lounge, at your most loved amusement room on a sheet of steel, on your auto, van, truck, RV, or somewhere else.