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I provide the Fractal Art.  You supply the imagination for their use.

Use any fractal from my expansive InterNet-based catalog to create:

* Architectural Art
* Bead Art
* Cross Stitch Art
* Edible Art
* Landscaping Art
* Lego Art

The beauty of having my Digital Patterns is you get to tailor them to your needs as well as those of your clients.  You simply substitute each stitch with the material of your choice.  Fractals are an extremely detailed art form that are perfect for round robins and other forms of team assembly.  Although my patterns feature 30 stitches per inch you can easily change that to whatever you like (14 to 22 for example.)  While other sites may copy what I started they do not offer the breadth of selection that I do.  You have more fractal art choices here than anywhere else.  You will need to download the correct viewer for your version of Windows.  Once you have done that you can use this sample from fractal #16,693 to test for your needs.  If you need color matching capability I can sell you the RGB (red, green, blue) color values.

Also most of my fractal art is fully compatible with ChromaDepth 3D glasses.  This type of 3D glasses works for printed, video, projections, laser, and computer based products.  Perfect for everyone to enjoy.  So popular is this type of lens that it is specially made for Crayola's 3D glasses (red frames for adults, green frames for youngsters).  If you choose to use ChromaDepth 3D glasses you can order them from the manufacturer.   To place an order please follow the instructions on the Orders page.

Digital Pattern Price: $10.00 each
RGB Color Matching Codes Price: $50.00 each

Features of my Fractal Cross Stitch Art:

- Color key page(s) detail how many stitches each color uses
- Easy-to-read symbols
- up to 30 stitches per inch for fine detail
- Each chart has up to 100 colors
- Fractal dimensions for most patterns are 500 x 375 with 187,500 stitches (charts can be as large as 500 x 500 with 250,000 stitches)
- All patterns use whole stitches only

Pattern Viewer features: (Vista Home Premium.  Your feature set may differ based on the viewer used on your Operating System) 

List of Available Patterns:

- Lists all patterns available from within current folder or sub-folder

Pattern Categories:

- Import Samples
- Libraries
- My Patterns
- Stitched Fonts

Zoom Control:

- To Fit
- 10%
- 25%
- 50%
- 75%
- 100%
- 150%
- 200%
- 400%
- 600%

Stitches Print As:

- Black Symbols
- Color Symbols
- Color Blocks
- Color Stitches
- Color Blocks & Symbols
- Virtual Stitches
- None


- Allows you to see each page on your computer screen before printing them
- Allows you to print or omit the color key page(s)
- Grants control over how the pattern charts are printed

Default Strand Usage:

- Stitch Strands (set between 1 to 5)
- Backstitch Strands (set between 1 to 5)

Backstitch Lines:

- Width (set between 0 to 50)

Backstitches Print As:

- Black Lines
- Color Lines
- None

Match Pattern Floss colors to current available list:

- yes or no check box option

Printout Settings General Options:

- Choose the size and style of font from what is installed on your computer
- Print page numbers (on or off check box option)

Color Key Options:

- Display Floss ID #
- Display Description
- Display Strand Count

Default Sort Order:

- Order Added
- Manufacturer ID
- Description
- Color

Map Flosses To:

- Anchor Cotton
- DMC Metallic
- DMC Rayon
- J & P Coats
- Kreinik Cable
- Kreinik Metallic Thread
- Kreinik Gemstone
- Kreinik Iron
- Kreinik Ombres
- Kreinik Glow-In-The-Dark
- Kreinik Japan
- Kreinik Cord
- Kreinik Vintage
- Madeira Classic
- Mill Hill Antique Beads
- Mill Hill Crayon Beads
- Mill Hill Petite Beads
- Mill Hill Frosted Beads
- Mill Hill Glass Beads
- Mill Hill Pebble Beads

No other company or artist lets you do so much with their Fractal Cross Stitch patterns. Why settle for less? 
Anybody can work a quickie. Give yourself a challenge. My Fractal Art for Counted Cross Stitch makes a swank wall mural. Discover new possibilities. You will be rewarded like never before.

Easy to adapt:

Here are examples showing how easy it is to adapt my highly detailed charts to suit your exact needs and/or skill level. By default all charts are printed using 30 stitches per inch. This does not affect the design of the charts themselves.

The divide symbol is represented as a forward slash. Measurements are

a) the pattern's dimensions
b) the user adjustable stitches
c) how those figures equate to inches for a finished piece

a) 500 /
b) 30 =
c) 16.66

An example of this is 500w/30=16.66 inches. 360h/30=12 inches.

At 30 stitches per inch the quality of the pattern reflects the greatest detail in the chart. At 16.66 by 12 inches you would need a magnifier and would subject your eyesight to strain. To ease this you can also adjust the size of your stitches from 1 over 1 to something like 2 over 2. As you use more squares to create a single cross stitch the chart reveals its detail while simultaneously creating an over-sized wall mural. The point of this exercise is to illustrate the flexibility every stitcher has in their craft.

Notes about "51 Flags"

The pattern “51 flags” features all 50 state flags atop our national flag. It DOES NOT use the new Georgia State flag(s). Instead it features the 1956 Georgia flag. 51 Flags has an unlimited print life. It is ideally suited for round robins. Can you name all 50 state flags? (HINT: they're not all in alphabetical order.) 51 Flags uses 71 colors and you may wish to replace 327 violet very dark (used in place of the blues in star field) with flag blue, navy blue, or any shade blue of your liking. Please consult your favorite stitch shop or the DMC-USA website for color conversion information.

The pattern measures 500w x 296h or 35.71w x 21.14h inches (14 count) and 31.25 x 18.5 inches (16 count.)

About Copyrights:

I know it is popular to make backup copies of patterns. Some designers permit this in some way or another. Others (like myself) do not grant permission to make copies of our creations.  When someone makes an unauthorized duplicate of a Copyrighted work they are depriving that artist of revenue.  Not to mention the legal implications of violating someone's Copyrights.