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- Each puzzle is a completely self-contained program
- Each Puzzle Pack has 25 games to enjoy
- Fractal Jigsaw puzzles are derived from my entire fractal library
- No pieces to lose
- Preview Image in user adjustable box (lets you see what it is supposed to look like)
- Typically 300 pieces per game
- Customers can order up to 64,000 pieces per game
- Auto-save can be disabled when closing the game
- Auto-solve can be enabled / disabled
- Cheat mode can be activated / de-activated
- Timer function
- Choose from Foil, Paper, Card, Wood, Flat piece types
- Select "Auto Hide" to hide the edges of assembled pieces
- Change the size of your pieces at any time
- Change the shape of your pieces at any time
- Use Hint Mode to discover where matching pieces are
- Activate or de-activate piece rotation
- Choose how to arrange your pieces (around the perimeter or lumped in the middle)
- Puzzles can be reset for fresh game play
- Copyright notice along the bottom edge of each puzzle
- Make each game as easy or as hard as you like

(Software Prices & Details)

The software can be used on PCs running Windows 95 - Vista/7.  Not sure the games will run on your PC?  Then use my "Try Before You Buy" free sample game on my Downloads page.
Each Puzzle Pack features 25 different fractals or digital photos as Windows Jigsaw Puzzles.  When you click the "Buy Now" button you are buying a digital download that will be emailed to you.  These Puzzle Packs are delivered as .ZIP files which can be 20 MBs in size.  All Puzzle Packs are Virus-Free.

Software Prices:

$12.00 per Puzzle Pack. 

Hardware / Software specs:
(tested on this machine)

Pentium 200 MHz w/MMX, 128 MBs RAM, Windows ME, 24-bit color 1024 x 768 Video Resolution

Hardware / Software specs:
(created on this machine)

AMD K6-2/500 MHz (Pentium 2 equivalent), 384 MBs RAM, Windows ME, 36-bit color, 1280 x 1024 Video Resolution