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(General Use Galleries)

Originally the fractals I had made were designated to three primary categories:

General Use
Cross Stitch

These three categories do still exist but I have opened up all the galleries for customers to order from.  This decision came long after I had already created the galleries on this site.  Not wanting to re-do the whole thing I figured it was easier to simply do it this way.  The term "Lost" is used to identify a set of fractals from General Use Volume One that I had misplaced and later found long afterward.  So to keep things in the same family as the other fractals in Volume One I named them "Lost001a", Lost001b", and so forth.  With my General Use web catalog you have access to 81,370 fractals.  Enjoy!

The Flames & Clouds in my Posters catalog are presented as thumb nails only.  The first fifty seven have a transparency layer.  It should also be noted that the first two hundred twenty-nine are 2048 x 2048 pixels while the remainder are at least 4096 x 3072 pixels.

Also you can look at my Color Themes page to narrow your search for a fractal that best suits your needs.  Are you looking for photographs to play with?  Please consider my assortment of pictures.